About Us

Project Moodswing was founded by two brothers Nathan James and Duane Chambers in 2012, however this has been a life long mission. 

The idea of Project Moodswing came about when I was a young graffiti artist trying to make the transition into a graphic design and illustration. I was well-known in my local area for my artwork; people would come to me when they wanted designs for logos, tattoos, CD cover artwork and their clothing items customised with my unique style of drawing and graffiti.

At the time, I would use fabric pens and paint to create the designs on their clothing but this was time-consuming, expensive and the pens and paints I was using could not produce the detail I wanted in my designs. Not only that, the demand was growing and I found it hard to keep it up. 

It occurred to me that I should set up my own online clothing brand, one that offers personalision/customisation of the brands products. And by getting the designs printed would be more efficient, produce the detail I wanted and a be better product for you the customer.

A combination of my love for art, design and fashion created what we call Project Moodswing!